Hello from Brussels!

I am Christel, a French-speaking Belgian originally from Binche, a small medieval city famous for its Carnival, recognized as a “Masterpiece of the Oral and Intangible Heritage of Humanity” by UNESCO. After 1 year in London to learn English and 10+ years in Brussels, we settled 20 km south of the capital city to raise our 2 children, who are now at university.

My work place feels like a second home to me as I have been at the International School of Brussels (ISB) for.. ever! Starting as a High School part-time Library Assistant 27 years ago, I am now a full-time Teacher-Librarian at the Middle and High School Library.

I joined Cohort 12 as I felt the need to upgrade the Educational Technology skills to keep up with the ever-changing role of school libraries, especially in the international context we are in.

I unfortunately fell behind in the course schedule… but eager to catch up the soonest! First step was to get myself a Twitter account so here it is: @Ch_Toilier
(as I have been using our library one so far!) ; the next thing will obviously be to go ahead and Tweet!!

Having already read a couple of my other Cohort 12 classmates’ blog post, I am very excited at finding out more about everyone’s different background and experiences.